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by Tierney Tully DA, Past President of RISAOM

The purpose of a professional organization is manifold. The prime purpose is to support the development of that particular profession in a way that the majority of the members of the profession want to see it advance. We are in the midst of very changing times for our profession, both nationally and in our state.

The Rhode Island Society of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine was formed in 1994 for the purpose of promoting acupuncture and oriental medicine in the state of Rhode Island. RISAOM has achieved much in the history of its existence.

RISAOM is dedicated to providing a forum for all points of view. It is important to this organization to know and respond to the concerns of all acupuncturists in the state regarding the changing political status of acupuncture and oriental medicine in Rhode Island. Parliamentary procedure is observed at meetings, ensuring each member a voice. Membership also provides each professional member with a vote on any issue presented to the membership.

Professionally, the gathering of colleagues stimulates discussion of our vocation and presents opportunities to share ideas and promote good practice. This in turn goes toward achieving what, it is hoped, we all entered this profession for: helping our patients heal. In our struggles to establish viable businesses, we must never lose sight of that primary professional goal. In the interests of furthering ourselves professionally, RISAOM hopes to sponsor continuing education courses locally in the future for the convenience of area acupuncturists. (See the Current News page for the first of these offerings.)

Fellowship amongst practitioners promotes a healthy profession. RISAOM is making efforts not only to have “business” meetings for professional and political reasons, but also to create opportunities for members to come together in social settings. Such events provide relaxed time to become familiar with our colleagues and with the diversity of traditions that exist in our field. What we do is exciting and wonderful and there is nothing like talking with each other about what we do to get us charged up and eager for the next challenge. Fellowship also encourages an atmosphere of pulling together for mutual benefit and dispels the sense of isolation and rivalry that tends to divide our profession. Learning more about each other can also be invaluable when we need acupuncture ourselves, or another practitioner to refer to while we take vacation or sick time. Having the respect and friendship of our peers is powerful medicine!

As our profession grows in recognition, more eyes fall on us to observe our credibility and professionalism. Please join with us in our mission to establish the highest standard of ethics, education, professional competence and inter-professional relationships. Your participation is an invaluable asset to the future of our profession, our organization, and, ultimately, to the public at large. There are big changes on the horizon. We have a choice to make them happen, or to let them happen to us. Participation is empowerment. Please join RISAOM today.


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